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During the challenging times the end-of-line packaging is often to be an underestimated point. But you should focus on the improvement of this point if you are someone who really wants to grow your business. It can be a key to achieve the efficient and successful business as the upgraded end-of-line packaging system is more flexible and reliable then your traditional operation ways. Here we have listed four ways for improving your end-of-line packaging operation.

1. Looking for the key indicators

During the business growth, the volume of the production will grow fast, so as your processes, equipment, and labor intensity. All the changes will bring inefficiencies in your production flow. To adapt to these changes, you must always check the key indicators which can reveal the true flow. By looking at the key points, you can find the opportunity for making improvement.

2. To reduce manual packaging as much as you can

Reduce the interact of the workers and the packaging such as manual hand wrapping and manual stacking of pallet loaded cargo. These work is more labor-intensive but simple operation could easily be replaced by automatic packaging machines. The example can be a automatic carton sealer connect with automatic shrink wrapping machine or can be the horizontal bundling machine with automatic conveyors.

3. Create a Preventative Maintenance Program

By making the plans designed to check for potential future maintenance problems, you can avoid many of the mistakes that other companies may had before. Making the preventative maintenance program is critical among the four ways to improve your end-of-line packaging as it will help with all the small details for running a company.  The example can be a Schedule about when should check the high-use components, when to lubricate the machinery, they will help you prevent the issues that can cause downtime before becoming the actual problems.

4. Recycled, Reusable, and Reduced Packaging

The reasons are various for implementing sustainable practices for your pallet wrapping machine, pallet packer, and other materials. Even if you run the most efficient business, there are still opportunities to reduce costs on stretch film, shrinkable/contractable film, and other packaging material. Specialized technologies like Emanpack are proven to reduce film costs by 30 to 55 percent. That’s less film usage and less resources disposed of after shipment. improve your end-of-line packaging operation not just increase the containment on loads, but also reduce the likelihood of product damage. The product damage equals to product that is disposed of in landfills in most cases.

The four ways about improving the end-of-line packaging

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