The feature and characteristic of the PE film shrink packaging machine

Basic settings of the PE film shrink packaging machine
1 The machine adopts linear feeding, and the length of the packaging is not limited [height and width are customized according to customer needs];
2 Compared with the ordinary side-feeding machine, this machine has the advantages of speed and connection;
3 Using the designed sealing knife, the sealing line is firm, does not crack, and is not easy to stick to the knife;
4 Imported photoelectric, accurate positioning;
5 Humanized design of the control box, convenient for the operation of the operator;
6 The slag leakage and soot blowing process work in a dust-free environment;
7 Two sets of level detection photoelectric, which can be aimed at different products
8 When sealing and cutting, the rear end is equipped with a pressing device to prevent displacement of lighter packaging items;
9 The use of solid steel rod outsourcing imported silicone tube, chain rod type conveying silicone is durable
Working principle.

The working principle of the heat shrink packaging machine is relatively simple. Heat is generated by the quartz heating tube inside the furnace chamber. With the cooperation of the internal fan, the heating furnace chamber is filled with hot air with uniform temperature. The temperature control instrument controls the temperature in the furnace chamber and maintains a constant temperature.

The articles are fed into the furnace chamber through the chain conveyor belt, and the heat shrinkable film shrinks at a height. With the strong cooling air from the outlet, the PE film quickly and closely adheres to the surface of the article.

Features and advantages·Using quartz tube heating:
1. Optimize the circuit design, control the temperature of the instrument, and stop heating when the temperature reaches the set temperature, saving electric energy;
2. High-power DC motor, stepless speed regulation, can work continuously for a long time, and the operation is stable and reliable;
3. All electrical components effectively guarantee the quality of the whole machine;
4. Two types of conveyor belts, chain and chain mesh, are available to meet the packaging needs of different products;
5. Shrink packaging of shrink films such as PE film, POF film, and PVC film.

Product features:
1. Just press the button, and the packaging machine will automatically complete the process of conveying, wrapping, sealing, conveying and shrinking.
2. The stainless steel mesh chain is used for transportation, which has better load-bearing capacity and longer life.
3. The adjustable film ejector combined with the induction switch controls the length of the film, so that the film can be thinner with less loss.
4. The high-power turbo fan of the furnace body makes the circulating air volume more sufficient.
5. The large fan cooling system outside the furnace makes the packaging shape faster.
6. Lengthen the heat shrinkable furnace, so that the speed can be faster and the shrinkage effect is better.
7. The heating tube is heated by quartz tube, which makes the heat dissipation faster, saves electricity and has a longer life.
8. The special processing sealing knife makes the temperature control more accurate and the sealing is firmer.

The feature and characteristic of the PE film shrink packaging machine

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