PET pallet side strapping machine

The technical characteristics of the sword strapping machine:
1. The production of special packing machine factory adopts PLC programmable controller control, photoelectric, travel switch and other detection signals, with manual/semi-automatic/automatic optional functions,

2. Easy operation and high degree of automation. The steel strapping machine is equipped with manual operation table and automatic program operation.

3. The plastic steel baler adopts basic structure such as motor drive and linear guide rail.

4. The core strapping component movement can move up and down, the whole machine can move back and forth, the intermediate conveyor can rotate 90 degrees, and the butt-type piercing sword is adopted, which realizes the perfect unity of mechatronics control.

5. The baler network provides the most technically high-tech, complex, economical and practical baler. The baler quotation can be consulted.

The characteristics of the sword strapping machine:
Modular aluminum alloy bow frame design, easy to disassemble and assemble;

  • Fully automated design, more convenient operation and use;
  • The maximum size of the bundle is determined by the bow frame, which can be customized according to the needs of users;
  • Motor, reducer, cam, and compression arm operation;
  • Excellent packing tightness, few failures and convenient maintenance;

The maintenance of the sword strapping machine:

  • Keep the inside of the machine clean and dry at all times.
  • It is easy to place damp or dirty objects on the machine table.
  • Avoid rolling the power cord, and should be rolled up when not in use.
  • To maintain the normal operation of the machine, use positive material strapping.
  • Main technical parameters of the sword strapping machine
  • Specially bundled for pallets.

Power supply, power: 380V/50HZ 2000W/5A;

Packing speed: ≤15-30 seconds/channel;

Table height: can be set according to needs;

Frame size: can be determined according to needs;

Hot sticking part: side;

Strapping form: Parallel 1~multi-channel rodless piercing sword, with photoelectric control, manual, etc..;

Applicable tape: thickness (0.55~1.2) mm*width (9~15) mm;

Electrical configuration: OMRON” “PLC” control, French “TE” and photoelectric switch control, accurate and error-free. Machine weight: 500kg (gross weight)/450kg (net weight) Machine size: L3850mm x W640mm x H2450mm.

The characteristics of the sword strapping machine

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