Good way of stacking pallets

Wooden pallets are playing a more and more important role in modern transportation, containerization, stacking and handling. As a platform device for unit load of goods and products, the powerful role of wooden pallet is self-evident. How are wooden pallets stacked? As for the placement of wooden pallets, first of all, we need to clarify a concept: pallet stacking. The so-called pallet stacking is to stack the goods on the pallet according to our own needs, and then use the forklift to allocate and stack the pallet goods layer by layer. Due to different goods, the stacking method is also different.

Opposite sides staggered:
The same layer and different columns are stacked vertically at 90 degrees. The stacking method of two adjacent layers of wooden pallets is to rotate the other layer by 180 degrees. This method is similar to the bricklaying method in buildings. The bite strength between different layers is high, and there is no re joint between adjacent layers, so the stability after stacking is high, but the operation is more cumbersome, and the vertical planes between the packages do not bear the load each other.

Rotating staggered:
The two adjacent packages on the first layer are 90 degrees to each other, and the stacking difference between the two layers is 180 degrees. In this way, the two adjacent layers are intertwined with each other. The stability of the goods is high, and it is not easy to collapse. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to stack, and the base constitutes a hole, which reduces the operating power of the wooden pallet.

The adjacent placement shall be rotated by 90 degrees. One layer shall be placed horizontally and the other layer shall be placed longitudinally. Each layer has a certain biting effect, but the biting strength is not high.

That is, the stacking method of each layer is the same, and the top and bottom correspond. The advantage of this method is that the workers operate quickly, the four corners and sides of the packaged goods are stacked vertically, and the carrying capacity is large. The disadvantage is the lack of bite action between layers, which is prone to collapse. In the case of large area of goods, this method has satisfactory stability. If the corresponding fastening method is added, it can not only maintain stability, but also save the benefits of labor-saving loading and unloading operation.

The above arrangement methods are theoretical. The mistake that many warehouse staff are prone to make is that the theory is divorced from reality. When we use wooden pallets for packaging, we must also consider the actual personality of the items, so as to achieve the best.

How stack the wooden pallets?

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