The expanded Polystyrene insulation is also named as EPS as the short name, it’s a material been found around 1950’s which formed as closed cell for insulation of construction and buildings. The EPS panel is made of 98% trapped air and only 2% plastic, so it’s a very efficient insulation panel that made from little amount of raw material.

The EPS insulation has lots of different forms, such as EPS plates and EPS sheets as well as EPS panels and boards. It’s also available to make sandwich panel which is a very convenient material for building temporary houses.

The package for different EPS insulation products can be different as well. For the sandwich panel, the orbital wrapping machine is best. This horizontal stretch wrap machine able to wrap super large bundles of sandwich panels even the height exceed 1.5 meter, the long in-feed and out-feed conveyors are capable to bear the long length of the sandwich panels.

For the EPS insulation panels, sheets, plates and boards, the thermo shrink wrap machine can be the most suitable solution. The package is shrink wrapped by heat oven, more tight and transparent. These features bring better exterior and make the products better to sell.

Horizontal stretch wrap machine and thermo shrink wrap machine for EPS insulations packaging

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