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Specification for GCCM roll packaging system:

We are looking to automate some or all of its roll packaging of a GCCM material. The material is 2.2m wide, 10.2mm thick and has a base weight of 12-15kg/m2. Roll diameters will range from 35cm to 85cm and the roll weights range from 250kg to 2000kg.


  • Rolls are currently 2m long but are to increase 2.2m with a 2.4m core, so system should be able to accommodate both 2.0m and 2.2m
  • Roll diameters ranging from 35cm – 85cm
  • roll weight of 2000kg
  • 2-minute packing time per roll
  • Airtight seal to protect against moisture (with online / automatic QC system for verification)
  • Tough, impermeable exterior to protect roll during transport and deployment (which will include dragging, lifting and rolling)
  • Packaged rolls must have an accessible core for lifting and pole handling
  • Pole handleable without damaging the airtight sealing


  • Able to handle rolls of different diameters without a change to the packaging material (same packaging system for all diameters)
  • System implementable within 6 months
  • Rolls should be weighed during the packaging process

Details of current packaging materials:

Currently, the rolls are packaged in two layers. The first layer is a lay flat polythene tubing to provide the airtight seal and the second layer is a woven coated polypropylene fabric which protects the airtight seal from any damage during transport and deployment. This material combination currently provides the required level of protection to the all-important airtight seal. After inserting the ends of the lay flat tubing into the core at either end, plastic end caps are inserted.

GCCM roll packaging machine system

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