We are involved in trade, processing and Refining of steel and stainless steel tubes as well as cylinder tubes and piston rods employed. This product group must be carefully packed for shipping. The process is currently very time-consuming and should be improved. In the first step should the bundling of the sawn articles can be improved. (currently manual) bundling station.

Pipes and piston rods (approx. Ø 10 to Ø 200) are sawn on various saws and should then be bundled. Approximately 90% of the lengths are between 100 mm and 2000mm.
The diameter of the finished bundles is between Ø 100 mm and Ø 400 mm. the surface of the items to be bundled is sensitive and must be protected.
An adjustable device is sought that uses a plastic strap to hold the items tied into a covenant.
The average bundle weight is around 450 kg. The maximum bundle weight is about 2000 kg.

Planned bundling process:
The worker at the sawing plant adjusts the distance between the bundling devices (2x) to the material to be sawn.
He places the sawn sections in a loop in the open bundling device plastic tape off. The loop should consist of commercially available lifting straps can be easily exchanged.
After the position is processed and all sections in the bundling device lie, it will be closed. Wrapping around the lifting strap forms a Bundles of Ø 100 mm and Ø 400 mm. This bundle comes with a strapping tool fixed. After opening the bundling device, the finished bundle is removed.

After bundling the material, the bundles become another device transported, where they are protected with lamella packaging for onward transport. Device for wrapping bundles with lamella wrapping.

Bundling machine for stainless steel tubes as well as cylinder tubes and piston rods

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