A brief introduction to tyres and tire packing machine suggestions

A brief introduction to tyres and tire packing machine suggestions

Basic types of tires mainly including the following 3 types. The first type is bias angle or cross ply tire. The bias angle of the cord path to the centerline of the tire is generally in the range of 25 to 40 degrees. The tire wrapping packing solution mainly with stretch film and PE belt. The tire design has been a standard construction for many years.

The second tire model is the radial tire. On top of the plies (under the tread) is an inextensible belt composed of several layers of cords. The belt cords are low angle (10 to 30 degrees) and act to restrict the 90-degree carcass plies. It’s vertical type tire wrapping packing machine wrapping ring open side up or down, semi-auto and full-auto machine models for you.

The third tire model is the bias/belted tire which consists of a bias angle carcass with a circumferentially restricting belt. In the bias/belted tire the carcass angle is between 25 and 45 degrees and the belt angle between 20 and 35 degrees. Full-auto type tire packing machine is the most advanced and latest design machine.

The latest of the basic tire types and was commercially introduced in 1967 More than 500 million tires are produced annually worldwide.

More tire packing solutions and coil wrapping machines.


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